Thursday, March 10, 2011

Service Records

Service records are a great source of information about soldiers who were part of C Force.  Often the military files include other documents as well, such as the Attestation Paper signed when the soldier joined the armed services.

Information about how to request these files can be found at the following website:

Because some of the abbreviations in the documents can be hard to decipher, be sure to request a list of abbreviations that might occur on the records.  Some of the common ones I’ve come across include:

TOS – Taken on Strength
SOS – Struck off Strength
R & A – Rations and Allowance
R & Q – Rations and Quarters
CMHQ – Canadian Military Headquarters

Here are a couple of examples of Service Record entries:

I encourage all HK veteran families to request copies of these files.  They're an important record of the military lives of our C Force heroes.

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