R.C.C.S. Hong Kong Contingent

Here are the men who are the subject of the book, with their ranks on October 27, 1941 when they left for Hong Kong.

  L/Cpl. Robert Acton, K35409; Operator; Victoria, B.C.
  Sgmn. William Allister, D116327; Operator; Montreal, Que.
  Sgmn. Donald Beaton, K35438; Dispatch Rider; Vancouver, B.C.
  Capt. George Billings, Commanding Officer; Kingston, Ont.
  Sgmn. Robert Damant, D3385; Dispatch Rider; Montreal, Que.
  Sgmn. Roland D’Amours, K34935; Operator; Ottawa, Ont.
  Sgmn. Ernest Dayton, K34722; Operator; Chilliwack, B.C.
  Sgmn. John Douglas, K34017; Operator; Vancouver, B.C.
  Sgmn. Larry Dowling, B32015; Operator; St. Catharines, Ont.
  Sgmn. John Fairley, K34912; Operator; Merritt, B.C.
  Sgmn. Horace Gerrard, P7563; Operator; Red Deer, Alta.
  Sgmn. George Grant, K34730; Operator; Vancouver, B.C.
  Sgmn. Hymie Greenberg, H38860; Operator; Roblin, Man.
  Sgmn. Tony Grimston, K35476; Operator; Victoria, B.C.
  Sgmn. James Horvath, H38902; Operator; Winnipeg. Man.
  Sgmn. Walter Jenkins, K36026; Lineman; Winnipeg, Man.
  Sgmn. Mel Keyworth, K11054; Operator; Victoria, B.C.
  Sgmn. Ted Kurluk, K36009; Lineman; Dneiper, Sask.
  Sgmn. John Little, K34073; Operator; Terrace, B.C.
  L/Cpl. James Mitchell, B31782; Dispatch Rider; Kearney, Ont.
  Sgmn. Howard Naylor, P7575; Operator; Victoria, B.C.
  Sgmn. Wally Normand, D3389; Dispatch Rider; Montreal, Que.
  Corp. Donald Penny, K34027; Operator; Vancouver, B.C.
  Sgmn. Thomas Redhead, K83057; Operator; Victoria, B.C.
  Sgmn. Arthur Robinson, K74567; Operator; Vancouver, B.C.
  Sgmn. Jack Rose, K34771; Operator; Vancouver, B.C.
  Sgt. Ronald Routledge, P7541; Operator; Regina, Sask.
  Corp. Charles Sharp, K35468; Operator; Victoria, B.C.
  Sgmn. Lionel Speller, K83926; Dispatch Rider; Victoria, B.C.
  Sgmn. Ray Squires, K80593; Lineman; Victoria, B.C.
  Sgmn. Ernest Thomas, K34801; Dispatch Rider; Vancouver, B.C.
  Sgmn. Georges Verreault, D116314; Lineman; Montreal, Que.
  L/Cpl. Wesley White, K34757; Operator; Abbotsford, B.C.

October, 1941.  A group of Signallers in Debert, N.S., "Taken just before boys left on train" (for Ottawa).  A week later they were in Vancouver boarding the S.S. Awatea bound for Hong Kong.

Back Row (l. to r.): Grimston, Redhead
Third Row: Horvath, Keyworth, Greenberg
Second Row: Little, Penny, Gerrard, Douglas
Front Row: Naylor, Acton, Fairley, Beaton.

Of the thirteen young men pictured, five did not make it back to Canada:  Greenberg was killed in action; Horvath and Fairley died of battle wounds; Redhead and Little died of illness while POWs.